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Who we are

Founded in 2015, we at Rang Riwaaz work earnestly for preserving vintage craftsmanship providing employment to migrant artisans adhering to the principles of circular design and sustainable fashion. We are committed to keeping the essence of Indian handcrafted cloth making alive with a focus on the craft, the craftsman and the craftsmanship creating and restoring generational legacy to be preserved and passed on as a token of familial love and heritage revival.

Our purpose

Our purpose – Preserving heirlooms and heritage crafts – explains why we exist. We’re here to use our unique expertise, capabilities, passion and perspectives to preserve the vintage crafts and clothing, spinning them back into mainstream special occasion wear creating a novelty for our customers. We’re bringing together the people, ideas and craftsmanship that enables preservation of heirlooms and thereby generational legacies in the form of clothing and family heirlooms at the same time providing sustainable livelihoods for Indian indigenous craftsmen.
Our ambition is to be able to restore heirlooms and recreate the memories of family love for our clients not only in India but worldwide
-Jyoti Singh, Founder Rang Riwaaz

Our Values

Our three Values – Integrity, Service and Excellence – are our moral compass; the fundamentals of who we are and what we believe is right.

Integrity  We operate with honesty, transparency and fairness in all we do

Service – We act with empathy and humility, putting our employees and customers we serve at the center of what we do

Excellence – We champion going the extra mile, and use our energy, expertise and resources to deliver with a difference

Our Strategy

Our strategy supports our ambition of being the world leader in heirloom restorations transcending geographical boundaries, where we take up extremely ambitious projects restoring heirloom crafts adding to our expertise and experience which adds to our confidence of doing whatever it takes. It includes our customer acquisition focus which is driven by the craft we create aimed at attracting a discerning customer base who appreciate the value of preserving vintage crafts and supporting the Indian artisan families engaged over generations in practicing hand crafts and embroideries.

Future Outlook...

Supported by an awareness for sustainable fashion and  circular economy  shifts, we are aiming to reach International Market where we have seen initial successes mainly supported by Indian diaspora, however, we firmly believe that there lies an opportunity to serve a wider customer base spanning noble families and Royal families across the world.

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