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Heirloom Restorations

Our Heirloom Restoration Service offers you a unique service to help you to get your old Banarasi, Gota Patti, Kanjivaram  and Kashmiri embroidery sarees restored as per the need to help recreate your saree as close to the original as possible along with any desired changes like colour or fabric.

You may have a look at some of our key Restoration projects which we capture and share to demonstrate the nature and variety of work undertaken by our artisans and sincere appreciation from our clients who feel to have revived an heirloom and restored it for future generations: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/restorationsbyrangriwaaz/

Restoration techniques available:

1. Transfer of precious Gota Patti work from old to new saree.


"Saree is looking exactly as I imagined! Now I will wear to a family wedding." - Kamini, Gurgaon (Gota Patti Saree Restoration) 

2.Transposition of Kanjivaram, Banarasi or Kashmiri Saree Borders to new sarees preserving the borders in case of any damage to the saree body.

Kashmiri Kasheeda Saree Restoration

"So happy that I am able to wear my Saree again, I loved it so much." - Deepa, Gurgaon ( Kashmiri Border Transposition)

3.Repair and finishing of borders in case any wear and tear of borders, with use of new trims or borders.

4.Transfer of Banarasi Zari work, Kashmiri Embroidery or other embroidery work from old to new saree.


"Just received the saree, it's looking beautiful. I am so glad that you did this saree." - Pradnya, Pune (Banarasi Saree Transfer) 

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5. Banarasi Zari border polishing and repairs.

You may submit your request below or e-mail us your queries at info@rangriwaaz.com or whatsapp @ +91-9958101577. Your requests will be picked by our team for further drafts.

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