Rani Pink Saree – Rang Riwaaz
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Rani Pink Saree

Rani Pink Saree

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The Rani Pink Saree - inspired by the mystical land of Rajasthan and its folklores the saree imbibes the elements of colour, style and spirit the of the timeless vibrance of the land.

The legend has that 'Rani Pink' colour was such a rare colour to obtain on fabrics that it took only a master Dyer to bring out the vibrancy of the true rani pink on the poshaks and odhnas of the royal ladies. The colour remains exclusive and noble till date as even with all the techniques and advances the colour still remains a master's craft and can only be obtained of pure silken yarns...hence the saree is in pure crepe silk adorned with pure Banarasi and kimkhaab borders and detailing. .

Kimkhaab - another royal fabric from the land of Persia boasts of the finest weaves and colours, used here for detailing and blouse sleeves adding yet another vibrant colour 'firozi', which any connoisseur of fine fabrics and colours will vouche to be a colour to be obtained by great skills and mastery.....and when these colours elements combine the saree can but be called 'the rani pink' saree, a saree fit just for your regal self.

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