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Shikargah - An ode to the Untamed

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Shikargah - mostly famous for the type for weaving patterns in Banarasi Sarees, is actually not a type of weave but a style of patterns drawing from the royal sport of hunting symbolizing a grandeur experienced only by brave and privileged.It is rich symbol of the cultural influence the Persian weavers and craftsmen brought to India along with Mughals creating a timeless symphony of wilderness and luxury in Indian Couture....

The motifs represent the hunt, or a battle between a hunter and an animal, and often feature tigers, elephants, horses, deers and  birds in a stylized and often whimsical fashion, often combining elements of realism with abstract designs.The patterns evoke a sense of oneness with nature lending a very contemporary spin to the untamed desire of expression

Perhaps, this is why Shikargah came up as the theme of choice as the idea was to design something which resonates with the liberated woman of these changing times, making bold marks on the global stage and still holding in her the legacy of her culture. The idea is give a fresh lease of  life to Shikargah using embroidery as the medium and appeal to a discerning consumer base who have an appreciation for the vintage crafts of India, however, with a little mix of contemporary fashion. 

Each creation in its completeness is a flawless statement in power dressing Indian formal wear with a contemporary vibe, suitable for Indian and wider client base with each component offering an equally stunning appeal when used as a separate.

Shown below is the concept of dressing in the complete Shikargah Saree Jacket Set and then just the Saree and just the jacket over any outfit like pants, skirt etc.


We strongly believe in the concept of sustainable fashion and creating couture with mindful consumption at the core with a focus to preserve the timeless techniques of Indian crafts of hand embroideries, which can only be rendered with patience and pause needed for nurturing the soul of the craft. 

The capsule edit of Shikargah Jackets & Capes is an evolution of the design keeping tradition alive and resonant with Indian as well as Western fashion advancing the fine craft to the lands and connoisseurs beyond India. 

Resting confident on the skilled team of our artisans and designers we create select specimen to showcase the concept to our patrons and then creating on order customizing to the specific needs of our clients. 

Shop the Collection or get in touch with us for any queries we might be able to help you with on our collection or crafting techniques.

Crafting with consciousness,

Team Rang Riwaaz

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