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Restoring a Legacy : Mother-in-Law's Wedding Saree

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Here we talk of a daughter-in-law inheriting her mother-in-law’s Wedding Saree and the journey of how she trusted us to restore it for her. Wedding sarees hold a great significance for every bride, be it in the very traditional Indian context or a very modern millennial concept as its symbol of your love, joy and commitment.

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Legacy Sarees - the legend and the care

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Priyanka Gandhi wore her grandmother Indira’s saree at her first cousin Naina’s (Ajitabh Bachchan’s daughter) wedding in  Apr 2015. The same saree that was worn by her grandmother Indira Gandhi in 1966 during US visit to White House to attend the state banquet hosted by President Lyndon B Johnson.   (Photo:Telegraph India) Every beautiful saree has a story and legacy sarees generally have legends….either someone very dear has gifted it to you or the saree was worn on a very special occasion or all your sisters were eying the saree while you won it with love from your granny. And...

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