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Legacy Sarees - the legend and the care

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Priyanka Gandhi wore her grandmother Indira’s saree at her first cousin Naina’s (Ajitabh Bachchan’s daughter) wedding in  Apr 2015. The same saree that was worn by her grandmother Indira Gandhi in 1966 during US visit to White House to attend the state banquet hosted by President Lyndon B Johnson.  

(Photo:Telegraph India)

Every beautiful saree has a story and legacy sarees generally have legends….either someone very dear has gifted it to you or the saree was worn on a very special occasion or all your sisters were eying the saree while you won it with love from your granny.

And as you acquire the object of your desire you almost immediately realize that seeing the saree in your granny’s, mom’s or aunt’s closet was a different thing while owning and caring for it is a different ball game.

Here are a few tips to help you with the care of your cherished legacy saree:

  1. First and foremost, when you are storing these sarees make sure that you roll the saree instead of folding as sarees tend to tear off at the creases as the fibers age with time.
  2. Ensure to wrap the saree in a piece of muslin cloth to preserve it from moisture and tear from other zari or embellishment sarees in your closet.
  3. Avoid dry cleaning unless absolutely needed as chemicals tend to weaken the fabrics, there are sad tales when  dry cleaned sarees were taken out and the fabric had given in and the saree were torn at various places.
  4. If dry clean is needed it’s better to get it dry cleaned immediately before wearing and then air it before storing. This takes away the chemicals from the saree.
  5. For sarees which you are not dry cleaning the best practice is to air the saree by opening its rolls or folds turn it around in mild sunlight, taking care you don’t expose saree too much in sun as it might cause fading. Make sure you do this once in couple of months to keep the saree fresh and safe. Around two hours of airing is good enough.
  6. You may also put in phenyl balls if the sarees do not contain zari, as phenyl balls cause blackening of zari.
  7. Make sure your don’t wear these legacy sarees with very heavy jewellery or pin them a lot as jewellery and pin-up are the major cause of wear and tear of saree alike for legacy or fresh sarees.

And in case with all the care and tendering if the saree fades away or tears off, which is quite common with pure fabrics, you may redesign these sarees by pasting the borders and pallu on a new saree in a suitable fabric and colour.

You may do it yourself if you have a good hand in stitching or use Legacy Saree Restoration Service available at saree designers. This would help you to treasure the legacy and pass it on for many more years to come.

Do share your tips for other readers in case we may have missed anything,  through comments.

Please feel welcome to share your legacy saree stories in the comments section and take us all on a journey of timeless love and bonds.

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