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Zardozi Banarasi Sarees - Of Opulence and Heirlooms!

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When the timeless art of weaving meets the timeless art of hand embroidery, a saree fit for a queen is created. We are talking about Zardozi embroidered Banarasi Saree, which has become an essential bridal adornments for at least one of the wedding functions, mostly reception.

Though the designer sarees in varying patterns, drapes and textures have their share of glamour and glitterati, the one saree which reigns supreme for the modern day Indian Bride is a Banarasi saree, specially in the current times when Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone mesmerized the world with traditional weaves for their receptions. The modern day bride got her affirmation that of course the banarasi saree is the best choice for the first formal event after wedding which is the reception where she greets the world with new assumptions of her identity and wants to make just the most confident and most elegant first impression.

This trend definitely revived the Banarasi sarees like never before,but left the modern bride with a little confusion about how to not end up looking like every other bride, well,even if it meant not to be like Anushka Sharma. This we are telling when we received a similar saree for highlighting and finishing, and the bride of course wanted to look different....


Brides come with sarees newly purchased for their trousseau as well as from their mother's, grandmother's and great grandmother's trousseau, where our Legacy Saree Restoration team joins in to revive the heirloom saree before it is adorned further with hand embroideries and matching blouses.

Not just limited to the brides, this experience extends to the to be mother-in-laws as well. Mom-in-laws reinvent their trousseau where they wish to relive the glory of their treasured sarees once more on a special occasion. We have worked on highlighting legacy sarees, restoring the legacy saree and invariably creating a new blouse for the sarees. The blouses play a key role in lending a modern flair to the saree, which range from high necks, to halter necks to jacket styles.

The end feeling is always beautiful as you can see a glow from their memories adding to the look in their eyes when they behold  the revived saree. While designing new sarees is always a pleasure, but reviving an old beauty surpasses everything especially if you are reviving not just a saree but that special memory in someone's life.

The popularity of this trend is so much in demand at the moment that we have set up a dedicated team for Banarasi saree highlights and matching zardozi blouses, who never fail to create the most beautiful piece of art once they know whether the saree is for the bride or the moms.

You may get in touch with us through our Customization Services or our Legacy Saree Restorations  should you also decide to enhance you Banarasi saree, and we would make our best efforts to create a masterpiece for your special occasion. 

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