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(pic credits : Instagram) 

It’s your D-day and you want to look every inch like a dream. You have spent months on shopping and trial session. Endless views of pictures on Instagrams, your friends' weddings, movies and anything which could give you a tip on how to get it PERFECT.

Well! Here’s our bit to help you - Make sure you purchase the shoes and the  lingerie you plan to wear for your wedding function/s in advance before you head to your couturiers. Of course do not forget body shapers too, if you plan to be wearing any.
(pic credits : Instagram) 
Our idea of asking you to  buy these things is in no way to just topple your shopping list, but a sincere suggestion that please wear these accessories while giving your measurement  as this will help in exact measurements, especially the lengths, rises and drops.  This might be a bit technical but your designer will give you full marks for preparation.

And  make sure to carry the accessories back again for your trial sessions. 

This should help avoid any surprises and last minute rush..….

Do share in your thoughts and experiences on the topic....and if you may have any queries or suggestions, it will be a pleasure to know.


Happy Dressing!

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