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Peplum Lehengas & why we love them!

brides engagement outfits indian weddings indianbrides lehenga peplum lehenga weddinginspiration

Think of an Indian Bride.......and we instantly imagine a Lehenga, Blouse and Dupatta clad shy demure bride....and these days mostly two dupattas. Well!  we don't blame you as coming from traditional values and of course love for them, the Indian bride did not have many options.  And then there is the growing pressure of dressing up for the wide range of the ceremonies which start from the roka to engagement to pre-wedding to mehndi to haldi to sangeet to the w e d d i n g......and you just can't be wearing lehenga for all of them. We know there...

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Zardozi Banarasi Sarees - Of Opulence and Heirlooms!

banarasi bridal bridal saree Hand Embroidery indian weddings legacy Legacy Saree Saree trends trousseau wedding

When the timeless art of weaving meets the timeless art of hand embroidery, a saree fit for a queen is created. We are talking about Zardozi embroidered Banarasi Saree, which has become an essential bridal adornments for at least one of the wedding functions, mostly reception. Though the designer sarees in varying patterns, drapes and textures have their share of glamour and glitterati, the one saree which reigns supreme for the modern day Indian Bride is a Banarasi saree, specially in the current times when Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone mesmerized the world with traditional weaves for their receptions. The modern day...

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