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Shikargah - An ode to Untamed

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A symbol of the rich cultural influence Persian weavers and craftsmen brought to India along with Mughals – Shikargah brings the grandeur of Jungle to couture, creating a timeless symphony of nature in the fine crafts of cloth making. Identified by the iconic motifs of deer, lions, elephants and a Jungle backdrop of trees and plants, the patterns evoke a sense of oneness with nature lending a very contemporary spin to the untamed desire of expression.

The collection honours the vintage craft of ‘Shikargah’, which is mostly identified as a weave, however, is truly a name given to the class of motifs and patterns used to depict the hunting memoirs from the adventures of kings for the wardrobes of queens. While exact dates are unknown, the presence of the Shikargah design can be found in the pages of time even before the Mughal and Sultanate periods. It took form much before the British Raj, and inspiration from the style can be seen in medieval arts and crafts.

The capsule edit of Jackets & Capes is an evolution of the design keeping tradition alive and resonant with Indian as well as Western fashion advancing the fine craft to the lands and connoisseurs beyond India.

The motifs have been created using zardosi in kasab, dabka, sitara and pearls with adornments of gota patti to depict the brilliance and grandeurs of nature giving a fine a specimen of the Indian karigari. Each Shikargah Jacktet involves intricate and skilled craftsmanship that takes about 23-25 days to complete, while Capes get readied in 17-18 days. These jacket and capes are usually worked upon by 2-3 karigars each excelling in their style of embroidery forms.

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