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The ‘Nivi’ Drape – Your Daily Saree Drape Style

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Did you know that your daily saree draping style actually has a name and a history associated with it? Well, to be honest, I didn’t, not until I got into this affair with sarees. So to set the basics in place the 'Nivi' style of draping is the most popular style of draping not just in India but outside India too.

This style of saree draping originates from Andhra Pradesh and unites ladies across India and world wearing saree.

Chantal Boulanger-Maloney, a French cultural anthropologist and saree researcher wrote about more than 100 style of saree draping while Limca Book of World Records title holder Dolly Jain claims 325 style of saree draping. Saree draping styles are differentiated on various parameters like style of pleating, style of pallu, use of blouse, petticoats etc. Like dhoti drapes do not use petticoats.

‘Nivi’ draping style uses a blouse (or a crop top) and a petticoat (or an underskirt), which help give this drape the ease and versatility to be worn across occasions and platforms – be it a festival or office. This drape is enhanced by varied styling on the blouse and the petticoats. Keeping the occasion in mind the blouse can range from simple rubia blouses to heavily embroidered corset style or backless blouses.  For petticoats too there are various options available from the traditional 6-piece flare petticoats to the modern day fish cut or princess cut petticoats.

You may refer the basic steps for wearing the saree in our article The Long and Short of Pallu, before going ahead with this expert video to get the perfect basic drape by Dolly Jain.

Don't miss out the step where she pulls the extra fabric after pleats to give a perfect fitted look. This is my favourite step from a workshop of hers which I happened to attend.

This video should have surely helped you with expert tips, however, do let us know if you have any questions on the drape or any problems you face with your day to day wear of the saree.

And when you are trying to look your best anything from not getting the first pleat right to not setting the pallu to show your blouse or jewelry will not be a small concerns for us, we would be very happy to help you with your concerns.

Keep looking gorgeous!

Jyoti Singh,

Director, Rang Riwaaz

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