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Bride with a Legacy

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Thanks to the revolution social media has brought, the businesses are never closed even on holidays and actually it is on such days you come across your most interesting and memorable assignments.

We usually keep off on Sundays and it was on a Sunday afternoon that I got this message on Whatsapp "Hi...Do you transfer Banarasi Sarees?" which my prompt response was "yes, we do transfer Banarasi Sarees". The person, I say person as the DP(display picture) on whatsapp was a Glass painting, on the other side was looking to get an old Banarasi Saree transferred on to an exactly similar Banarasi Silk Saree. Confident of the skills of our team I agreed, however, before making further commitments I asked for few close-up pictures of the saree. I received pictures from various angles in about 15-20 minutes.


Since the requirement was to transfer on a similar colour saree, there was no complication I agreed, and got to get the basics in place like time of delivery and where is the person based out from, when I get to know that the person is a young bride-to-be and wants to get this saree restored to wear on her wedding scheduled in 1 and a half month. It was a surprise to hear a bride wear a restored legacy saree for her wedding, when we spend months with brides designing their trousseau

This was for the first time that we would actually be doing a legacy saree restoration for a bride to wear on her wedding, which is almost at the heart of our legacy restoration services that these are very special sarees and should be passed on as a treasure or legacy. Keeping it business like I asked the saree to be sent through courier on our studio address and then we will start the work, which takes us 15-20 days. 

I received the saree on Friday, and as usual I informed back the client that I have received the saree where in I was again asked to make sure that new saree looks exactly the same after transfer. This was my cue to ask my question I had been thinking about. I asked the bride why would she like to wear this exact saree for her wedding. The simple answer which I received was so heart touching that it made me feel almost so honored to have received this assignment. I was told by the bride-to-be that this is her mother's wedding saree who passed away while she was very young,  so she wants to wear her saree for her wedding.

Hearing this our entire team felt even more responsible with the saree and the great job they were going to do to make sure that saree is restored to perfection to make it looks its best for the wedding. It is very rare that the same saree is worn for two weddings. The result was a beautiful restored saree which looked every bit the same as the original. (we had provided extra length to the saree to make it 5.5 metre for better draping as traditional banarasi sarees are 4.75 metre).


Shared above are the close-ups from the new saree, which was actually a coral red banarasi silk, the pictures here show the complete saree with pallu, the back of the saree with very fine patch work done to hold the transferred motifs and the border firmly pasted to the saree. The last picture shows the border with fine weave and fabric from the old saree, where the shades match absolute.

While I am writing this I would definitely like to mention the commendable job done by our dyer and transfer work specialist, who made this possible to the exact details.

Our entire team feels extremely pleased for having worked upon this legacy saree restoration and wish for all the happiness to the bride who will carry this legacy while carving out a new chapter in her life!

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Happy to Restore Legacy,

Team Rang Riwaaz

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