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Sarees for Winters - Ideal Fabrics


It is the most beautiful time of the year with breezy evenings and loads of invitations. With autumn bringing the last smiles of the year, you just can’t feel anything but festive, happy and nostalgic. And to match the mood, picking up the RIGHT saree will do wonders whether you are planning a daytime party or attending a grand event in the night. And when we say right it’s just not the colour or the style or work on the saree it’s the most basic element which is the fabric of the saree.

It is important to realize that with the change in the weather the fabrics worn for sarees should also be selected accordingly to suit the weather requirements. The the best fabrics for wearing sarees in winters are:

  1. Silk – It is ideal for the season with its warm and cozy feel, besides being used as the fabric of choice for saree for any rich look sarees. Silk is commonly considered to be the queen of all fabrics and comes in a very wide variety of prints, embroideries and weaves providing an option for casual, formal and party wear.
  2. Satin – The rich and the lustrous fabric adds to the sensuous six yards and come in wonderful prints and shades. Satins are best chosen for day parties in pastel shades.
  3. Velvet – It is an ancient fabric used for luxurious clothing for royals, and with the advent of designers in handcrafting sarees very luxurious sarees are being designed ideal for occasions demanding rich ornamental sarees. The wonder of the fabric is that even a plain velvet saree gives a very rich look when worn with the right kind of jewellery.
  4. Banarasi – If silk is the queen of the fabrics then Banarasi is of course the goddess of the fabrics, a fabric of luxury worn by nobility in various cultures. Banarasi brocades are one of the finest fabrics that India has to offer and is used for the finest occasions suitably. No trousseau is complete without an heirloom piece of Banarasi and winters are perfect season to flaunt yours.
  5. Kanjivaram & Dharmavaram – South India’s indulgence for silk and very rich work on the same scales as Banarasi. These are woven naturally and distinguished by their wide contrast borders. Temple borders, checks, stripes and floral (buttas) are traditional designs found on a Kanchipuram sarees. The advantage Kanjivaram has enjoyed above all others is that it the saree of choice for the Indian Screen Diva Rekha and that says it all
  6. Pashmina – Pashmina is the finest type of cashmere wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir, India. Pure Pashmina or the blends with Silk are used for designing sarees which are Kashmiri embroidery or Kashida as it is known as, employs bright and colourful designs, with motifs of floral borders, paisley and chinar leaves and other inspirational settings of nature. The patterns and the colours chosen for the Pashmina silk saree, so harmonizes with Nature, that the elegance and allure of the wearer of the saree, is heightened.

For rest of your sarees it would be a good time to rest for your upcoming busy springs and summers.

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Keep looking Gorgeous,

Team Rang Riwaaz

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