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Winter Wear Styling with Sarees

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Saree being the quintessential part of Indian wardrobe we generally master the art of wearing one to suit the occasion and of course create the desired effect. But we certainly miss our beloved sarees in winters as we layer on with our winter wears as the so called notion of saree being difficult to carry haunts us and then missing out actually on how to style the saree with our winter wears adds us to losing the battle.

Since, we know that if you like sarees you like sarees and if we can help you a bit with styling you will cut the chill with your most beautiful silks and satins. So we are showing you all you need to know about styling the saree with woolens in our favorite printed silk saree.

1. Styling with Shawls

 Let’s start with Shawls, which actually are the first ones to come into the closets of a saree lover as you can keep it on and off with the approaching winters.

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So the first one will be the easiest where you just fold you shawls and keep it on the opposite shoulder than the one you have chosen to style your pallu, most of the cases pallu being on left and shawl on right

 Then with the advent of winters or if you decide to wear sarees in night with a shawl you can actually create magic. This one’s is our personal favorite.

Here you start wearing your shawl with the saree itself by tucking one shorter edge or the pallu of the shawl in your petticoat just before you tuck in your pleats, so that your shawl travels with the saree right from under your pleats. This gives you wonderful coverage on the back and lower body actually enwrapping you in the warmth.

Then you can choose your style by either bringing the shawl from behind on your right shoulder and the pallu of the saree on your left. This gives the feel of royalty with flowy drapes on both the shoulders and not to forget the luxury of warmth all around you.

Or pick to carry the shawl along the pallu as shown here to set both of them on your left shoulder and VIOLA!! You have created your very own half & hals saree with your priceless Kashmiri shawl pallu.

Trust us you will love the wonders you can do with combination of sarees and shawls.

2. Styling with Cardigans and Overcoats

And of course, we will not miss to style are our cardigans and pullovers. For the basic way of wearing cardigans unbuttoned you can neatly pin the side you intend to set your pallu with your blouse and then set the pallu and then wear the other sleeve and adjust over the pallu . Here we are showing the pallu on left shoulder which is equally applicable for right shoulder pallus.


Going for buttoned cardigans and pullovers which actually go by the same style, first set your pallu in pleats and pin it up, not attaching with your blouse. Then pass it under your buttoned cardigan or pullover, taking care that you are spreading saree in front of pleats well that it does not go all by your side. It’s better to pin up the saree near your waist so that the front stays in place. Then pull out the pleated pallu from the neck and just leave it lose.               

And here’s to those who will go to wear a saree even in a season where you have to wear overcoats, the style remains same for pleating the pallu and pinning if independently without attaching to the blouse or may be a sweater under the over coat. Turn the pleated pallu and keep it inside overcoat and may be pull over your head to beat the freezing winds. Actually the look inside overcoat would be similar to what we have for look with the buttoned cardigan or pullover. Just imagine that you are wearing an overcoat on the above look and what you get is this.   

We hope to have given you a few good options by now for you to experiment in the changing weather and keep the glam quotient high!!

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Keep looking gorgeous!!

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