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One for the Li’l Ones

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As we wind up the festive season of Teej, Rakhi and Independence day, the memories and thank yous which distinctly stand out are the ones from our beautiful young clients in the age of 3-8 years. The little happy faces,  the chocolates and I love yous were so special that their thoughts still bring a smile to our faces.  




So first things first, how did we meet all these beautiful clients….well, though their moms some of who were our clients and some who were actually looking out for customized tailoring shops which could stitch for kids. One thing which was common across was that all these doting moms had very clear idea about what they want for your daughters.

We did have some latitude in terms of the fabrics and colours. Idea was to make co-ordinated ensembles, real cool ethnic dresses and a couple of zardosi adornments. Moms were very helpful when we were stuck with what to make on a 3 year old’s dress, reindeers and parrots came flying. Since we handled these under our customization categories so taking some inspiration tips was OK, the challenge was cut those tiny dresses and stitch up to perfection.

The dresses were made by the head of tailoring, as the regular tailors could not make out anything out of those tiny bits.




Once done, the little girls came for trails before final finishing and our lessons in designing for kids started.

Few key takeaways were:

  1. You need to have some provision for heads beyond regular neck lines to accommodate the larger head to shoulder ratio in comparison to adults. It is best to have backs or fronts open.
  2. Having Zips on the sides is a good idea, as it loosens the dresses for kids, who are not so trained in squeezing through those long garments.
  3. Overlocks are not appreciated, so better stitch with clean finish.
  4. And of course bottoms are elastic belts only preferably button holes elastics, no hooks.

Once you meet all the above you will have very happy clients giving you chocolates, saying “I am so happy” , “I love you” and bright shining smiling faces. They might not change the dresses and go home in the new ones only as they just love what you have made for them.

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