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Reads by Rang

May All Your Dreams Come True!!

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Winter Wear Styling with Sarees

fashion winter

  Saree being the quintessential part of Indian wardrobe we generally master the art of wearing one to suit the occasion and of course create the desired effect. But we certainly miss our beloved sarees in winters as we layer on with our winter wears as the so called notion of saree being difficult to carry haunts us and then missing out actually on how to style the saree with our winter wears adds us to losing the battle. Since, we know that if you like sarees you like sarees and if we can help you a bit with styling...

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Sarees for Winters - Ideal Fabrics

    It is the most beautiful time of the year with breezy evenings and loads of invitations. With autumn bringing the last smiles of the year, you just can’t feel anything but festive, happy and nostalgic. And to match the mood, picking up the RIGHT saree will do wonders whether you are planning a daytime party or attending a grand event in the night. And when we say right it’s just not the colour or the style or work on the saree it’s the most basic element which is the fabric of the saree. It is important to realize that with...

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The Long and Short of Pallu

draping fashion length of saree pallu long pallu saree pallu pallu saree meaning Saree saree pallu length sari style styling tips trends

One of the most critical features of a perfect saree drape is the pallu, which determines the look you would be carrying. Few tips to help you decide the ideal style are: Contrary to the popular belief of tucking the tummy pleats  first - the right trick to put the pallu in place first. This gives you the remaining portion of the saree which can be styled in the tummy pleats. If your saree has the key designing on pallu, then its imperative to go for a flaring pallu which should be extended quite low (in the balck saree) In...

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