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Bride with a Legacy

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Thanks to the revolution social media has brought, the businesses are never closed even on holidays and actually it is on such days you come across your most interesting and memorable assignments. We usually keep off on Sundays and it was on a Sunday afternoon that I got this message on Whatsapp "Hi...Do you transfer Banarasi Sarees?" which my prompt response was "yes, we do transfer Banarasi Sarees". The person, I say person as the DP(display picture) on whatsapp was a Glass painting, on the other side was looking to get an old Banarasi Saree transferred on to an exactly similar Banarasi...

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The ‘Nivi’ Drape – Your Daily Saree Drape Style

drape draping style Nivi Drape saree Sari styling tips workshop

Did you know that your daily saree draping style actually has a name and a history associated with it? Well, to be honest, I didn’t, not until I got into this affair with sarees. So to set the basics in place the 'Nivi' style of draping is the most popular style of draping not just in India but outside India too. This style of saree draping originates from Andhra Pradesh and unites ladies across India and world wearing saree. Chantal Boulanger-Maloney, a French cultural anthropologist and saree researcher wrote about more than 100 style of saree draping while Limca Book of...

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‘Kasheeda’ is a Persian word meaning embroidery or drawing used mostly in the context of the hand embroidery done in the beautiful region of Kahsmir, which traces its origin as early as eleventh century and till date forms one of the most refined form of embroidery for garments. This precious art of embroidery gained its full glory during the reign of Sultan Zain-Ul-Abidin in the 15th Century, when mesmerized by the beauty of the embroidery practiced in the valley he brought craftsmen from other regions like Iran and Afghan to add variety and refinement. This helped the household art of embroidery...

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The Cape Lehenga Story

This is the story of how we designed a lehenga around one of our capes for one of our beautiful happy customer. It was in a luxury lifestyle exhibition where we usually participate to interact with potential clients and get a first hand opinion on our designs. The capes we had designed were really being liked by the visitors and especially the young girls were buying those looking at the versatility of the capes as these could be worn over sarees, gowns, tops and practically anything you want to brighten up. This lovely young lady walked upto us and liked...

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Legacy Sarees - the legend and the care

how to restore old silk sarees old saree old saree restoration restoration saree restoration silk saree repair work transfer

Priyanka Gandhi wore her grandmother Indira’s saree at her first cousin Naina’s (Ajitabh Bachchan’s daughter) wedding in  Apr 2015. The same saree that was worn by her grandmother Indira Gandhi in 1966 during US visit to White House to attend the state banquet hosted by President Lyndon B Johnson.   (Photo:Telegraph India) Every beautiful saree has a story and legacy sarees generally have legends….either someone very dear has gifted it to you or the saree was worn on a very special occasion or all your sisters were eying the saree while you won it with love from your granny. And...

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